Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting Services

Our primary goal is to help employees pursue financial independence for retirement. We provide a variety of services to our corporate clients to help their plans run smoothly and efficiently, so we can focus on what's most important - each employee's path to retirement. 

Employer Support 

We support all plan fiduciaries to help you understand your role and fulfill your responsibilities.  

  • Educate plan fiduciaries on legislative changes and how they impact the plan  ​
  • Present plan enhancements as necessary (Safe Harbor, Roth, Auto-Enrollment, Cash Balance, etc.)  

Investment Selection & Monitoring 

Our systematic process for evaluting plan investment options will ensure that the quality of investments offered in the plan remains high.   

  • Research and recommendations of plan investment lineup
  • Ongoing due diligence and recommendations for fund replacements as needed
  • Monitoring of Investment Policy Statement  

Employee Education 

We are passionate educators! Each education meeting is customized and targeted based on the needs and demographics of your employees.  

  • Annual group meetings   ​
  • One-on-one guidance for participants   ​
  • Tracking of plan success metrics

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